Edinburgh Walking Tour: Uncover Stories of Crime and Punishment

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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About this activity

  • Equipment: comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Language: EN FR
  • Group size: 1-15 people
  • Reference: T-JAB1ME6Z
  • Time of the day: afternoon, evening

Details of the Experience

Sonny, an Edinburgh local, offers you a tour of HIS Edinburgh, taking you along the streets that he knows and following the stories of crimes, hangings, and jail time! Hear Sonny’s story and uncover his journey!


  • Guided tour
  • Meal on the tour, entry tickets, transportation

This activity is provided by: Invisible Cities

Review (1)

Mark Desjardins

I want to thank Sonny for the insightful walking tour he provided for me, (A Canadian), a Scottish friend, as well as two others; one from Germany and the other from Russia. Not only did you share incredibly fascinating facts about some rogues in Edinburgh's early days, you knew the very locations where crimes took place. Being homeless is a growing World problem, but Edinburgh appears to have developed assessable resources and funding to shelter and feed vulnerable people. Sonny pointed out many of the resources along the walking tour. He seems to know many of the youth we saw along at the way, and has street cred! I felt quite uplfited by the help available, and felt Sonny's pride in the tour he provided. I was happy to see some clippings Sonny showed me of film stars and members of the Royal Family visiting these outreach programs, and him getting a chance to tell his story. Well worth the time. BRAVO, Sonny!

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