Edinburgh Walking Tour: The Paths of Inspirational Women

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

2 reviews
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About this activity

  • Equipment: comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Season: spring
  • Language: EN FR
  • Group size: 1-15 people
  • Reference: T-JAC9S90Q
  • Time of the day: afternoon

Details of the Experience

Biffy, an Edinburgh local, offers you a tour of HER Edinburgh, taking you along the streets that she knows and following the stories of women she finds inspirational like Maggie Dickson, JK Rowling, and Eslie Ingles. Hear Biffy's own story and uncover her journey!


  • Guided tour
  • Meal on the tour, entry tickets, transportation

This activity is provided by: Invisible Cities

Reviews (2)


Thanks to Zakia and other guides for help with guests. Everyone was very happy.


Was a good tour, lots of information and friendly guide.

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