Old Town

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Castle to Palace down the Royal Mile it may be most interesting 1 mile walk you may have.

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About this activity

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Equipment: comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Language: EN
  • Group size: 1-50 people
  • Reference: T-J66JJJ52
  • Time of the day: morning, afternoon, evening

Details of the Experience

Explore the Old Town dating back to 12th century with first inhabitants from 2nd BC. From history to culture, from architecture to local myths, there are many stories to tell. Robert has lived in this city for more than 50 years and knows the secrets the many would not know. Get your tour with professional guide who is truly local.


  • Guided tour
  • Meal on the tour, entry tickets, transportation

This activity is provided by: Robert

Castle to Palace down the Royal Mile it may be most interesting 1 mile walk you may have.

Reviews (4)

David S

Robert was not only an incredibly informative and knowledgeable tour guide, he was humorous and incredibly interactive. Thanks to Cavid for setting up a wonderful tour of Edinburgh. We highly recommend it to newcomers to the city. David, Kelli, Victor and Louise Anne

Johanna L

We have been to Edinburgh for two days and have learned so much about this beautiful city on our GetGuided Tour. Our Guide was amazing, knowledgeable and really funny. I have never had such a personalised Tour before. Thumbs up! I will definitely recommend it!

Ilaha M

That was a unforgettable trip, with full of history and interesting facts about city that we live! Especially, thanks to our friendly guide Robert for this trip, we highly recommend to everyone who wants to get to know city better !


Was easy to organise and quality of guides was great, all our guests enjoyed all three tours as always

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