Edinburgh Bit of everything Tour

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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About this activity

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Language: AZ RU EN TR
  • Group size: 1-15 people
  • Reference: T-J6QG34QB
  • Time of the day: morning, afternoon, evening

Details of the Experience

Edinburgh is a city offering pretty much all you need. Captivating ghost stories, Interesting history, variety of architecture, balance of arts and business, nature and people are all captured in this small city. We are going to explore the city centre, including mainly Old Town and a bit of New Town giving a taster of what city has to offer.


This activity is provided by: Cavid

Reviews (13)

Alessandro S

Very pleasant walk to Leith and Newhaven. Our guide Cavid was very knowledgeable and told us lots of interesting informations all the way through our tour. He also suggested us beautiful places to go in Edinburgh that we wouldn't have found otherwise. Definitely recommend it! Hope to see them around in other cities soon. Thanks

Jingru H

Gained an amazing experience with my guide's help. He kinda made me feel Edinburgh is a crime city, hahaha....but I loved it, dark stories

Cecilia S

It's great. Had a great day in Edinburgh and I learned a lot about the history of the city! Well done!

Daniel A

Amy C

Mateusz S

I had a good time. Cavid has a talent to get interesting people around. Definitely a people person. We had a nice relaxing walks filled with nice chat and interesting stories that ended up in a nice pub for a lot longer that I expected ;) Anyway, I recommend to anyone. Enjoy

Vita D

Was very nice wrap up of everything in short period of time that I had. Would definitely recommend.

Hoa B

Getguided is brilliant ideal for a single traveler as me. My guide is very friendly and she tells me alot of interesting story about history of Edinburgh. Btw, the price is very affordable. Hope you will have expand to other countries

Sabuhi S

I recently took my first trip to Edinburgh and my friend living in Edinburgh recommend me GetGuided. Spent the entire day with my tour guide Javid. He is extremely knowledgeable and engaging, the tour was very informative giving details about history, architecture and humans of Edinburgh. Without GetGuided that was almost impossible to get so much information about the city during a few hours. Highly recommend him!

Denis M

Thanks for amazing tour! Although our guide was not available, quickly was replaced and we had great experience


Was good tour in Russian


Our family enjoyed tour in Turkish and it was great fun

UEBS (Samantha)

We got good feedback! Our students had great welcoming to the city

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